On a portion of Atwood Mountain in Fairfield, Maine lies what's left of the Central Maine Sanatorium, a hospital that was built exclusively to house patients suffering from tuberculosis. In the early 1900's, this epidemic was thought to be so severe, that patients needed to be separated from the general public, until they were cured or until they were dead.

According to Asylum Projects, before it became the Central Maine Sanatorium, it was actually a tent city, a pop-up hospital for tuberculosis patients who were being pushed out of their communities. When the tent city became overpopulated, wooden buildings were constructed and the hospital was named the Chase Memorial Sanatorium in 1910. Unfortunately, it burned down just three years later. New construction commenced, with someone new set to be in charge.

In 1915, the State of Maine took over operations and renamed the facility the Central Maine Sanatorium. It was uniform with another hospital located in Hebron, Maine called the Western Maine Sanatorium. Patients who were the sickest, and likely unable to recover from TB, were sent to the Central Maine Sanatorium. Those whom doctors believed could recover were assigned to the Western Maine Sanatorium. The Central Maine Sanatorium operated until 1970, when it was closed. It was the State of Maine's last operating TB hospital.

Today, what is left of the sanatorium sits on a large piece of private property. Over the years, trespassers have damaged the abandoned property, leaving behind trash and graffiti. Many of the doors and windows at the old property are boarded up, with the interior of the former hospital in shambles.

If curiosity strikes you, MaineMacabre.com filmed a video when they visited the Central Maine Sanatorium which you can watch above.

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