Folks from all over the place will be heading into town this weekend, as the 53rd annual Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race is scheduled to take place, rain or shine, this Saturday morning. Whether you're in town to take part in the race, or to watch, there are a few important things you want to keep in mind as you celebrate the festivities.

According to a post earlier this week on the Bangor Parks and Rec Facebook page, there have been individuals trying to sell ticket to watch the race. Just to be clear, those individuals are trying to scam people, because as the post went on to say, "You do not need tickets to watch the Canoe Race on Saturday. We have found people trying to sell them. You only pay to register to be in the race and that is with Bangor Parks and Rec NOT a third party."

And while we're on the subject of spectating, the folks from Dirigo Search and Rescue gave some good advice to people looking to get a glimpse of the race, or those driving in the vicinity of high-trafficked spots, like Six Mile Falls, the Pushaw Rd., Valley Ave. and downtown...PUT AWAY THE DISTRACTIONS! Be alert. There will be a ton of racers and their families and friends around these areas, both on foot, in their cars and in transit between the trail and the water. Please be careful.

One of the most important things to know about this year's race is that the finish line has moved! Because of the high tide and the risk of crafts who attempt to go under the last 2 bridges, officials are moving the finish line from the usual Downtown spot, to just past the falls at Shopping Cart.  From the Parks and Rec Page again, here's what they're asking folks to do this year: "After mandatory portage at Maxfield Dam, put your craft back in and run Shopping Cart. There will be a LARGE finish line sign on Stream Right. TAKE OUT IMMEDIATELY AFTER FINISH LINE ON STREAM RIGHT. Parking lot will be closed to leave your boats. WARMING TENT, CHILI AND CHOWDER, RESULT BOARD AND AWARDS WILL STILL BE HELD AT THE USUAL SPOT AT GOMEZ PARK. There will be a bus for ALL racers running from finish line area to Gomez Park starting at 11:00 am. Buses will also be running from Gomez Park back to Kenduskeag for racers through the day."

Good luck to all the racers. And we hope you all enjoy the day safely!

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