Earlier this week, we told you about the potential pairing a video game could have with the reconstruction efforts for the destroyed Notre-Dame Cathedral in France. We mentioned that a video game artist, who worked on the Ubisoft game Assassins Creed Unity had spent thousands of hours studying and mapping the historical architectural marvel, and that there was speculation that some of that research could be useful as the France tries to rebuild the structure, as they have promised to do.

Well, a few hours after we posted that first story, Ubisoft sent out a press-release stating that they would, indeed, help with the rebuilding effort by donating over half-a-million dollars to help with the restoration. And then they made a very interesting offer; they would give away the video game Assassin's Creed Unity, which is primarily set in Paris, and heavily features Notre-Dame, for free to anyone who wants it. They are making the game available through the PC platform, and only for one week, but still, its a chance for people to virtually explore a building that now lays in ruins in the city.

According to the website PCGamesN, " Ubisoft’s version isn’t the only recreation of the cathedral that the restoration team will have at their disposal, however. A report from National Geographic references art historian Andrew Tallon’s use of laser scanners to create a model of the building “accurate to within five millimetres.”

Good news all the way around.

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