The Sabbathday Lake Shakers in New Gloucester took the broom challenge and totally debunked it with their own broom display. The Shakers invented the flat broom, so they know a thing about how they are made.

The Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village is the only active Shaker Community in the world. According to their website, there are currently only two members. Elder Arnold Hadd and Eldress June Carpenter.

A post on the Village Facebook page showed everyone taking the broom challenge that the trick isn't that difficult with the correct broom.

"A well-made broom will stand up straight any time of the year! It has to do with its low center of gravity and even bristles," they write along with a photo of three of their handmade brooms standing up on end effortlessly.

It's worth a visit to the Sabbath Day Lake Shaker Village to see all their handmade products and learn about the over 200 year history of the world's last active Shaker Village. Bring home one of their handmade brooms and you'll be able to balance it 365 days a year.

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