Urban legends rule. I love Bigfoot, I love the Loch Ness Monster, aliens ... you name it, I'm all about it. But really, I take it with the same grain of salt as I do say, professional wrestling. Do I 100% believe any of that stuff is real? Not necessarily. But, I like the idea of believing in them all very much.

So here we are, with everyone on social media swearing that NASA says you can balance your brooms. Sure, a quick Google search will show you all you need to know about it (try finding any link in the universe, legitimately from NASA, that says anything about this). But that's not the point. It's fun. It makes people feel good to be part of something cool.

You what's not cool? Ruining someone else's day. Why do you have to be the one that looks around at a room of people and say, "well, actually..."? You could be the hero of the day and just keep your fool mouth shut. Or stay off the comment section of someone's photo of their broom or whatnot.

Sure, you've got "science" and "facts" on your side? But do you know what we have on our side? The joy of having fun. Your science and facts are just getting you eye rolls and sighs. No one cares if it's real or not. Doing something fun makes an hour go by like a minute. And that's awesome.

It's time to hang up those troll fingers, or that know-it-all attitude and just enjoy a good laugh with friends. Isn't that really the reason for getting out of bed every day? Save those vicious comments for some dumb political post. Let your friends, be it real life or on social media, have this fun little moment. Better yet, join in the fun yourself.

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