There's nothing like summertime and milkshakes, right? The hot summer sun beaming down while enjoying a nice cold ice creamy beverage in hand is awesome. But have you ever considered fall milkshakes?

Hear me out, fall flavors like maple and pumpkin are delightful and shouldn't be excluded from such a wonderful treat, even if the days are getting longer and temperatures are getting colder. The Yard in Portland just rolled out two creations that fall fanatics need to try.

First up is the Maple Bacon and Waffle Shake. This one just proves there is no such thing as too much of a good thing. Maple? Wonderful. Bacon? Incredible. Waffles? Fantastic. And all in a milkshake? Dreams really do come true.

Now if a sugary breakfast in a milkshake isn't your thing, maybe you'll enjoy the Caramel Spice Shake. This bad boy is monstrous in the best way possible as it's topped with a pumpkin whoopie pie and is drizzled in caramel.

The Yard is located at 82 Hanover Street in Portland. They are constantly coming up with new and exciting creations, keep up to date by following them on Facebook.

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