When the Bangor School System came out at the beginning of October with a notice saying it would be effectively doing away with "Snow Days" (see that article here) I was kind of heart-broken for my kids.

Let me say again that I totally understood the decision, from a grown-up's point of view. It meant, in the long run, the possibility of adding a more predictable element to what has always been an uncertain (thanks for Mother Nature) winter school schedule. By shifting things over to a "remote learning" method when the weather gets bad, students are able to keep learning, teachers are able to keep teaching and the wheels of our education system spin smoothly.

But, as I also mentioned, the kid in me mourned the experience of the "snow day anticipation" and the much needed break from studies (for students and teachers alike) that an unexpected day off would provide.

That's why I did a little happy dance when I saw RSU 26's Facebook Page, and the stance they took this week, with regards to Snow Days. (I may have even done a fist pump in the air, to celebrate!)

"We have decided that we will continue with our normal process for weather cancellations, which means we will cancel school as needed and will not shift those days to remote learning days for all...For now, I want everyone to use these days to step away from the screen and enjoy one of the best parts of winter - fresh snowfall and an unexpected day doing whatever it is that you enjoy doing on these days. I hope our students will get outside and enjoy some physical activity on these days! "

The post went on to explain that there were 5 days built into this year's calendar, and if the RSU 26 (Orono) got close to using all of those, or if schools in this area were already doing full-remote for some unforeseen reason (like a COVID-19 outbreak, for example) they would reconsider their stance on the Snow Days.

But for now, I'm calling this a win for Orono students! I'm glad someone else sees the benefit of a good old fashion Snow Day. It is a time for kids to get outside and be kids. It is a time for them to turn off the screens and turn on their imaginations. It is an often welcomed moment to pause all the worry, and just be.

My inner kid is so happy right now!

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