Ready to have a scary good time this Halloween?

It goes without saying that this Halloween will be much different than years past because the pandemic has changed everything in the last seven and a half months. But, something cool is coming that will give you a chance to get the wits scared out of you.

Maineiac Manor is a brand new haunted house that will open this Halloween at the Bangor Mall, located at 663 Stillwater Ave. It features more than 4,000 square feet of spooky fun for everyone.

Just use the mall entrance that is located between the former Sears building and Dick's Sporting Goods. Then after some terrifying fun, you exit through a side door, which will lead you to the parking lot you came from.

When will they be open? Glad you asked!

October 31st from 5-10pm
November 1st from 4-9pm
November 6th from 6-11pm
November 7th from 5-10pm
November 8th from 4-9pm

Admission is $15 per person.

Naturally there are COVID-19 concerns to adhere to, so per the state mandate, all guests will be asked to mask up! Throughout your time there, they ask that you maintain 6 feet of that super fun social distancing. There will be hand sanitizer available to slather on before you enter. They will also take down your name and address in the event that contact tracing is needed. Groups of four or more will be split up into smaller groups.

In case you are wondering just how scary this will be, this experience is not recommended for children under the age of 13.

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