One lucky 15-year-old got a special wake up call for his birthday this morning from Kid and Sarah of the Z Morning Show.

We love to do our birthday roll call around 7 a.m. to give special shout-outs to our friends on Facebook who are celebrating their special day that day. Today was no exception.

Today, however, included a wake-up call with the birthday shout-out for the fresh new 15-year-old Cam. His mom reached out to us to do this special birthday shout-out and was prepared to wake up the new 15-year-old with a boom box and a blaring birthday shout-out to start the new day.

Cam's mom filmed the whole thing here and posted it to her Facebook page. Here's the video for your viewing pleasure.

If you want to be included in an upcoming birthday roll call, just shoot us a message on the Z107.3 Facebook page and we'd love to rudely wake up your kids, too, on their special day.

We are capable of diversifying our ways of being loud and annoying to specially suit your kid, being less harsh on the little little ones or really laying it on to the older teenagers who are still laying in bed trying to get a restful sleep after going to bed at 5 a.m.

We got you, and can make their birthday shout-out really special ... even if they don't appreciate it.

Anyway, happy birthday, Cam and we hope your 15th birthday started off spectacularly and that your mom got a big kick out of your rude awakening for your special day.  Love, the Z Morning Show.

And, here's another thing ... if you want to give US a shout-out, you could win a $50 Amazon card.

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