If you listen to us, you know we love to hear from our listeners. You also know we love to give them prizes. We decided to combine the two.

Here's what to do: First, Get the app. That's how you'll enter.

Then, open the app and tap the "Shout Out" button and record your message to us. See the big magenta arrow pointing to it in the image below? Can't miss it!

Tap the "Shout Out" button to record a message!
Tap the "Shout Out" button to record a message!

You can say anything you want, like "This is [your first name] from [your town or workplace] and I listen to Z-107.3!" Or maybe, "The Z is my summertime station." Or maybe, "Z107.3 plays all my favorite songs."

Easy enough?

Once you've sent your shout-out, just let the fame and fortune come your way. In this case, the "fame" is we could play your voice on the radio, and the "fortune" is that you'll be entered to win a cool prize.

This time around, the prize is extra cool if you like to shop online. We're giving one lucky (random) entrant a $50 Amazon gift card.

Thanks for listening and we can't wait to hear from you all! Now, go get that app!

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Here's a link to our general contest rules.

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