Bangor, the home of Stephen King makes the list!

Portland, Bangor, Augusta, Lewiston, and Millinocket aren't usually places you would think of as terrifying, but they have made the list of truly spooky places. Portland in particular, makes the top 10 three times!

Check out the picks for the top 10 most haunted places in Maine, courtesy of "The Speakeasy", which details each location in thorough detail. From a scary road, to a terrifying mansion, all the way to a cemetery from your worst nightmares. The Pine Tree State doesn't disappoint when it comes to creepiness, and it may surprise you by it's haunts and spooky paranormal locations.

#10 Mt. Hope Cemetery-Bangor, Maine
# 9 White Lady of Route 11-Millinocket, Maine
# 8 Olson House-Cushing, Maine
# 7 Seguin Island Lighthouse-Phippsburg, Maine
# 6 Buck's Tomb-Bucksport, Maine
# 5 The Route 26 Phantom Hitchhiker-Poland, Maine
# 4 The University of Southern Maine-Portland, Maine
# 3 Time and Temperature Building-Portland, Maine
# 2 McLellan-Sweat Mansion-Portland, Maine
# 1 Wood Island Lighthouse-Saco Bay, Maine

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