Sometimes we're not happy with the skin we are in. As a teenager, we all have our skin issues and I certainly had mine. As I get older it's more about dry skin and trying to maintain my smooth skin as I age.

At the Skin Room in Ellsworth, they are all about trying to make your skin healthier and happier to make you feel and look happier and healthier, now and into the future.

Some people suffer from skin issues that can really affect your wellness and you don't have to live a life embarrassed of your skin. It's especially hard when it affects your face. But, Lauren and the Skin Room are all about transformation and will create a customized skincare regimen that's perfect for the skin you're in.

The Skin Room is the top-quality aesthetician of the Ellsworth area and beyond. The Skin Room offers high-quality skincare treatments performed by certified skincare specialists. I don't want just anybody touching my skin—maybe you can relate.

Vera Nickerson
Vera Nickerson

What's great is you have a resource for a quick treatment with facials (you can even sign up for a VIP 12-month treatment schedule) or a specialized, time-investing treatment to really get the skin you enjoy living in now and into the future. I like options and if I'm ready to commit to a long-term skincare regimen I know who I can trust and who I can go to.

Their facials are specially customized for your skin's needs. After all, you want to invest smartly and Lauren and the crew are certified and experienced to know what facial is perfect for the skin you live in. We all know the investment is worth it.

The Skin Room partners with skincare brand Dermologica, which has led the local Maine business to become a star influencer with this international brand. I'm so impressed at their relationship with this American company and I'm so proud that this star influencer is a business that is close by to me.

I don't suffer too much from acne anymore but, I know plenty of people that do. So, if acne is your skin issue, even for teenagers, you can get acne clearing consultations with a certified acne specialist to build the regiment and get the advice you need for clearer, smoother skin and a happier you.

Get to know the skin you're in and treat it with help from the experienced professions, Lauren and the gang, at The Skin Room. Find more about the Skin Room's skincare services at

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