It was a night like any other night...

I was cruising the back roads, headed toward home, and in the distance I saw an all-too-familiar shape on the side of the road. I stared right at it, and tightened my grip on the wheel because these things can only go one of a few ways.

When you see a deer on the side of the road, you immediately start to sweat a little. Is it going to stay put? Is it going to jump back in the woods? Or worst of all, is it going to jump right out in front of me?

On this particular night unfortunately, the deer chose the worst possible scenario.

Luckily for me, as I said before, I saw the deer. So I started slowing down, and luckily by the time I got to where the deer was, my car only gave the deer's backside the most gentle little pat on the bum as it scurried off into the woods. It barely made a sound, but we actually did make physical contact.

The deer looked more annoyed than hurt. I'm surprised it didn't swear at me and pound on the hood. I got super lucky. Lots of folks don't, and the average repair for that kind of accident is in the thousands. According to AAA via Fox Bangor, the month of November is the absolute peak time for deer to be out and about, so caution should be in the air.

They live here too, so they're not going anywhere.

It's Maine, so we're going to see them anyway. But this is the height of breeding season, so you have a lot of raging bucks and saucy does making bad decisions like it's spring break with an open bar. Really, we all know the drill as far as being extra cautious, and be extra mindful around dawn and dusk. And most of all, use your common sense. Slow down, pay attention, and for the love of out for deer!

Here's a deer video that won't scare you at all. Enjoy a good chuckle....

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