Prepare yourself for some truly numb parking jobs.

How some of these folks got a license is beyond us. We can understand some squirrely parking in winter when the lines are covered in snow, but these folks have no excuse for their actions.

Behold some of the worst parking we've ever seen!

1. Bangor Walmart:
Well at least they kept between the lines... kinda.

2. Bangor Mall:
We're not sure which person royally failed at parking in this photo. What we do know is that car isn't going anywhere.

3. Brewer Dollar Tree:
We have no words.

Apparently we have a theme going on here.

4. Bangor Home Depot:
We have three things wrong with this photo.

#1 No handicapped plate or placard.

#2 Taking up two spots.

#3 You're parked the wrong way bub.

5. Brewer Walmart:
We have more two-space-stupidity.

BONUS: This isn't ignant, this is just EPIC!

BONUS VIDEO: Bad Driving In And Around Bangor

Want to see more terrible parking? The Maine "Ignant" Parking Jobs Facebook page has tons of photographic evidence of awful parking from around the state!

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