Decisions, decisions!

The state of Maine is well known for it's love of Allen's Coffee Brandy as it it's number one alcoholic beverage of choice. You know doubt no someone who has ordered a "Fat A** In A Glass" on any given night out at a local watering hole, but one Mainer has some strong opinions on the image it has given the state.

A Youtuber named "The Mighty Plantain" seems concerned that Fireball may soon end Allen's reign at the top of the Maine booze charts. What's the best way to settle this conflict? Why a delicious taste test of course!

Armed with a bottle of both liquors, The Mighty Plantain takes a nice haul of the two, and it turns out that he just may have changed his mind on why Fireball has become so popular. As for me, I can't say I haven't enjoyed a Fireball nip, once or twice, but I think I'll stick to beer.

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