I find this a bit off-center. I mean sure, what isn't immediately off-center about National Singles Awareness Day? But really, isn't that also Valentine's Day? Do you think single folks sit around all day on Valentine's Day thinking, 'yup...tomorrow is my day'? I doubt it.

Single people will be sitting at home scrolling through Facebook, looking at the endless pictures from their friends who are all madly in love. All that while watching re-runs of Friends and crying when they get to the episode where Ross and Rachel finally make it work. There's gotta be a better way!

I would imagine on V-Day, most single folks are painfully aware of how single they are, and frankly, probably a bit PO'd about it's proximity to the most romantic day of the year. But hey, society can rub it in with a little twinge of humor, and single folks are supposed to just roll with it.

But I say screw all that! Take the day back, and celebrate your singularity. Did you have to buy a useless token of a gift to show your affection to anyone? Did you go broke on an expensive dinner that usually just nets the same disappointing romantic results every year because you ate and drank too much? Hell no!

You're gonna take yourself out this year, and be your own date. No sitting around feeling sorry for yourself. This is the year where you take the power back and show couples that being single is where it's at. It's kinda like whenever my friends complain about their kids. I just laugh, and admire all the money in bank account.

So this year, be your own partner. Show yourself a good time. Spoil yourself rotten. Valentine's Day only comes once a year, so let those jerks have it. Because when National Singles Awareness day rolls around, you're gonna be treating yourself with style.

Or eat a whole tub of Ben & Jerry's, and cry in your pajamas at 7:30 Saturday night. Either way....it's your day.

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