Thankfully, no one was injured!

What is the deal with Walmart in Auburn? It's not exactly in our neck of the woods, but it is fascinating because there seems to be some sort of accident curse going on there.

Yesterday afternoon, fire and rescue personnel responded to the Auburn Walmart parking lot, after a vehicle struck a parked SUV with such force that it went under it. You really have to see the video and photo to believe it.

Doris Galarneau was helped by a passerby from her Honda CR-V, and remarkably, she was not injured in the crash. It appears that she was trying to pull into a parking spot and the gas instead of the brake. It didn't come without a price however, 7 vehicles were either damaged or totaled. Again, no one was hurt, which is the most important thing.

As for the Auburn Walmart, there is a ridiculously huge amount of accidents that have occurred there, and all because of those pesky yellow poles. Yes, you did read that correctly. Now, I will admit, that years ago when I was broadcasting at the Bangor Walmart, I struck a yellow pole with the station vehicle, and I snapped this little memento of the occasion.

AJ Photo
AJ Photo

There have been so many incidents with the yellow poles at the Auburn Walmart, that there is a Facebook page devoted to it, with the caption "I am the Auburn Walmart Yellow Pole. Fear me."

Is there a lesson to learn here? Absolutely. Slow down, be aware of your surroundings, and be safe!

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