This may be the best seat at Fenway this year!

Situated beneath the bleachers in Fenway Park’s centerfield, Bleacher bar is my favorite place on Landsdowne Street. Not only do they serve great food and drinks, but they have the one of the coolest spots I've ever seen in a sports bar, bar none (pun intended) They opened back in 2008, but it has the feel of a place that would have fit right in at any time during the parks history.


There is a huge garage window, that when lifted, looks directly into the stadium. with a priceless view of the Boston Red Sox field, from the Green Monster to Pesky Pole. I have sat in that spot many, many times. Usually when a game starts, they have to close it, but this year things are very different. In fact, my annual trip to Fenway from Bangor, isn't happening this year, but if you should happen be in the area over the summer, you MUST check this place out.

After the lockdown, Boston started the next re-opening phase at the end of June, and that means that this little baseball oasis is back open to the public again. In fact, other than TV, this could be the only way to see a game in person this season. Supposedly, giant HD televisons will be placed outside of Fenway, but this experience is as close as you can get. In Massachusetts, restaurants like the Bleacher Bar are open with limited capacity. They have rearranged tables to accommodate the social distancing requirements. They have three tables in that small area where you can easily see the field.

Since Mayor Marty Walsh has ruled out fans at the ballpark through the end of August, chances are this may be the only way to see a game in person, but it is totally worth it. Helpful tips: Bring a mask, and get there early!

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