Can we share a little love for this ad this election season?

I've seen it on the television a few times but have come across it quite a bit online, especially on YouTube.

It has provided us with a bit of what we need in a year of cut-throat politics, a worldwide pandemic that keeps on keeping on and heightened civil tensions.  It's a little solace.  I little quiet time.

From a marketing standpoint, it hits the nail on the head when it comes to getting your attention.  It is so quiet and peaceful and breaks through all of the noise of political ads which we are have been subjected to for months, a wall of back-and-forth for those two undecided voters out there.

It gives you respite, a sense of being in the moment in a beautiful sunny grassy field with a slight breeze and one sign to give you all the messaging you need right now.  It allows your senses to decompress.  It gives your stressed out senses a little space making you feel a little less claustrophobic in  a world of ads that ask more from you than just a few bucks out of your pocket.

Kudos to the Marden's marketing team for knowing what the Maine people needed from an ad campaign this election season: a quiet, subtle scene.  No need to yell.  No need to wring out more intense emotions- I've given enough of that this year.

So here's a tip of the hat to a Maine business that gave us a little relief this election year.

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