A list compiled by HomeSnacks reveals where the money's at in the State of Maine.

A few of the cities on the list are considered Northern Maine locations but, nearly all of the locations on the list are found in Central and Southern portions of the state. One town ranked consistently from 2019 to 2020, while others fell or rose in the list.

Either way, these are the towns where the money's at, supposedly.

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Here's what HomeSnacks came up with for their list of Maine's richest towns in the state, which compiled various bits of information from the Census Bureau to come to their conclusion. Information compiled included each town/city's median income, unemployment rate and poverty rate.

  1. Saco
  2. Ellsworth
  3. South Portland
  4. Auburn
  5. Portland
  6. Bath
  7. Biddeford
  8. Brewer
  9. Hallowell
  10. Belfast

The richest town in 2020 was Saco. The stats that lead to Saco coming in as Maine's richest town were the following:

  • Population 19,497
  • Median Income: $70,517
  • Unemployment Rate: 2.3%
  • Poverty Rate: 7.3%

Also helping Saco to get the #1 spot was ranking in the same list at #1 in 2019. Comparably, Saco had the lowest poverty rate of the top 10 as well as the highest median income compared to the rest of the towns/cities on the list. The only town to beat it's stats was Bath, which had a lower unemployment rate at 1.9%.

The two biggest climbers on the list were Ellsworth at #2 and Biddeford at #7, both ranking 5 spots higher than in 2019. The biggest jump downwards in the rankings was a tie between Hallowell and Brewer. Both towns decreased 6 spots downward from 2019, where each town came in third and second, respectively.

We'll see how the pandemic effects this year list when a new one should be out at the end of the year.

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