Mainers average home work out sessions last just 6 minutes, according to I Run Far dot com. That is work-out session, not make-out session. And we have gained on average 15 pandemic pounds. That means some of us have gained less, and oh no, some have gained more.

Just yesterday morning I was reaching out to our Girl Scout lady, seeing if she had any cookies for sale. Got to be honest, if she gets back to me that she does, any I buy better end up in the freezer, not the cookie jar. Or even better, someone else’s cookie jar.

The reason for the concern? Next week is my birthday (don’t ask), and that coincides with my annual physical. Used to be that I dreaded the annual check-up (insert line here about check-up from the neck up). Now my mind says I’m fortunate to be so healthy even though I am aging. Never anything wrong with me, fingers crossed I get to continue to say that after next week.

However, the visit does come with a little bit of stress. Stepping on that scale is never fun. I cringe. Even back when I was very young and skinny as a rail, I still weighed a lot. I was "big-boned," my mother used to say. Thanks mom for always having my back.

The timing for the end of the pandemic and a total return to getting back outside and on the trails could not have waited any longer. Who wants to start a friendly let’s get outside and walk for some exercise club? And not for 6 minutes a day.

Be kind, doc. And let me invite you to Beats & Eats next weekend, it’ll be great.

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