Tuesday's ridiculous cold brought back an old friend to the state of Maine once again!

We can all agree that Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, were two miserable days. Bone crunching temps led to lots of misery. In fact, I did the entire morning show with my long winter pea coat on. Not fun. However, one cool thing did happen, the famous ice disk on the Presumpscot River in Westbrook made a triumphant return back to the state of Maine.

Ice discs form when a chunk of ice is repeatedly spun around by flowing water creating a floating ice circle or disk. It takes the appearance of a perfect circle. The rushing waters come from both sides, so it slowly turns in the water. It makes for quite a sight for residents of the area, and when it originally formed in 2019, it became a bit of a tourist hot spot. Hey, winters here a boring, ya gotta get your kicks where you can.

The last time the ice disk made a big to-do, it stuck around for several weeks before it broke apart. Since cold temps come back to the state this weekend, there is a good chance it will hang around for a bit.

WMTW Meteorologist Ted McInerney, had some fun during the latest blast of arctic cold this week, when he ventured outside, and did a little science experiment, tossing some boiling hot water into the ice-chilled air. Naturally, wackiness ensued.

Westbrook, Maine Ice Disk 2022

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