Check out this home movie.  It's got footage from a journey through eastern North America, including incredible sites at Quebec City, Rome, New York and Niagra Falls.  Also included is our little old city of Bangor.  Even better, it's from nearly 40 years ago.

The video has has taking a right off of Broadway and going down the hill on State Street towards Historic Downtown Bangor.  We also pass by the Hammond Street Congressional Church, which looks nearly identical.  We also see the remnants of the old Bangor Drive-In on Outer Hammond street.

It seems like the adventurer was able to wander Bangor pretty thoroughly.

A few shots in the video show a few scenes that are prior to the 'Bangor, Maine' title but could be identified as being a part of Bangor.  What do you think?

Is there anything in these videos that trigger your memories from Bangor of yesteryear?  Did you see your dad's old truck or recognize a house that looks exactly the same today?

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