This dude had some very strong opinions about the home of Bangor’s most famous resident

This was just a few years ago, but let's take a loving look back at this one anyway for Throwback Thursday.

One day while I was casually browsing YouTube, I came across a video of a guy who goes by the name “McHenry Cruiser Bad Boy”, who posted a video with his new roommate, visiting the iconic Bangor home of the legendary Stephen King. I live in the same neighborhood (hard to believe, since we are hardly in the same income bracket), so I can tell you that people come from all over the world to gawk at it. "Bad Boy" was no exception, but he had some very strong opinions of what he saw.

He was incredulous that Stevie didn’t have a Justin Bieber, or Beyonce & Jay-Z, Hollywood type of crib. He ends the clip with a produced piece that he seems to use at the end of each of his videos, a rather lame mic drop. McHenry Cruiser Bad Boy must be doing something right. He has 11,000 YouTube subscribers.

So then, flash forward to a few days later after I found the video, our post on this started gaining some traction, and it got back to him, and he quickly rattled off a response video and stated "Responding to an article where some guy I triggered got mad cuz I besmirched some old man who writes spooky stories."


Being an admitted "dastardly heel", check out my favorite quote from the comments section

2 months ago
You're getting famous bruh 😎! This dastardly evil heel reporter doesn't realize that his article will attract more viewers to your channel

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On any given day, you can see lots of people heading to West Broadway in Bangor, to get a glimpse at the home of the legendary author.

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