Wow! Now this is how you enjoy summer in the state of Maine.

When the Coronavirus pandemic hit, things just weren't the same. The summer of 2020 deprived us all of a number of things. There were no fairs, no concerts, no live sporting events, no large gatherings to have fun and connect with people of any sort, but living here in this state, the one thing you can take of advantage of is the great outdoors, and in Maine, we have so many different beautiful and scenic places to visit.

The Dugan family had the perfect summer that year. They have a YouTube channel called “Dugan Family Tricks” and in a video they uploaded, their son does some pretty sweet back flips at iconic locations all over the Pine Tree State. Now that is cool enough, but he also does them on rock surfaces, and gravel, which is something you probably shouldn’t try yourself, unless you are as good as this kid is at it. Also, it's adorable the way his kid sister watches in amazement.

Check out this impressive list of places the Dugan family visited throughout May, June, July and August of 2020, in their quest to film as many backflips as possible:

The Biddeford Pool
Collyer Brook
Peabody Pond
Sabbathday Lake
LL Bean Freeport
Casco Bay
Bar Island
Sand Beach
Thunder Hole
Bubble Rock
Carriage Trail
Jordan Pond
Cadillac Mountain (At three different locations!)
Bass Harbor Lighthouse
Mackworth Island
Aquaboggan Water Park
Old Orchard Beach
Reid State Park
Five Islands
Tassle Top Beach
Royal River

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