Oh how we miss these days!

On this Throwback Thursday, I was thinking back to all the great guests we have had in the Z studio during the morning show. It's been so lonely up here thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. We haven't had a visitor up here since early March!

One of the most enjoyable things for us is having people come in to hangout. Going through the archives today, I found quite a few that we were able to either film, or get some video of. So I thought it would be cool to show you some of our favorites. We really hope the day to have guests back up to chat with us will be coming soon!

We have had a ton of great musical guests stop by:

Dom Colizzi performs "Scene of the Crime"

Everyone in the Bangor area knows the great Chris Ross, who sings "Mostly Sober"

Nancy, the woman who cuts Kid's hair play a mean accordion!

Orange Blossom Special played us a fantastic acoustic number

Our old buddy Riff Johnson has been up to see us many times! Check out his performance of "Sideways"

In addition to music, we have had all different kinds of guests. From food, to comedians, we have ha d a little of everything!

We LOVED having Shannon Moss come by. She is the host of High School Quiz Show Maine

"Police Academy" star and comedian Michael Winslow brought some big laughs

How cute was Jackson from Bangor, the world's biggest fan of "The Price Is Right"

El Gato of the Harlen Globetrotters was one seriously cool guy

Right when Sarah joined the Z Morning Show back in 2017, illusionists Ted + Marion Outerbridge stopped by to dazzle us

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