Happy Birthday, America!

Well, it’s pretty obvious that this won’t be a traditional 4th of July weekend. Many activities and events have been canceled. Kind of weird to think of a 4th without fireworks, but that’s where we are. I would add that if you do light off your own, remember that they can be traumatic for our furry friends.

So if you are still getting together with friends and family to have a barbecue, or play some cornhole, you’re gonna need some tunes. Here is a playlist of some patriotic party tunes to play.

This cover of the Guess Who classic, really rocks when you put Lenny Kravitz, and the one and only Prince together!

It doesn’t really feel like a party this year, but this Miley Cyrus classic always makes you want to sing at the top of your lungs!

The Godfather of Soul has my personal favorite song from a “Rocky” movie (Sorry, “Eye of The Tiger.”)

It seems like a lifetime ago that Kid Rock came to the Bangor Waterfront, back in 2018. Relive the memory by cranking up “American Badass.”

Grab your finest sequined shirt and sing along to this Neil Diamond classic.

You can’t celebrate America’s birthday without The Boss!

Hey, any song that you can sing and spell at the same time works for me.

One of the best early 80's new wave classics, Kim Wilde's "Kids In America" is worth cranking up at any get together.

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