Finally, a new way to use that duck face pose!!

Do you have a friend who takes the same selfie, in the same place, every single day. Well, we have an alternative for them, and some relief for you.

Soubanh Phanthay, recently opened a new business in Brewer, that is based on a very cool idea, taking selfies in all sort of different environments. Selfie Space, is located at 54 Wilson St Floor 2, in Brewer, and is a fun way to switch up those boring old pic you post on social media.

Enjoy yourself at this "selfie museum" You can bring friends & family to have your own private photo op. With all kinds of backgrounds and shoot spaces available, you can create fun, themed photos that you'll love, and will have people asking, "How did you do that?"

For now, they are open Friday 12–9PM, Saturday,9AM–9PM, and Sunday, 12–9PM, and you can give them a shout at 990-8939, and online at

They charge a ticket price for full access to their space
• $25 for adults
• $15 for ages 5-12
• Kids under 5 are free

The fee enables you to use to use 30 different backgrounds and displays to take the most dope selfies ever!

My friend PJ Bussiere has a YouTube page called "Where Nerdy Is Cool", and he recently paid a visit to Selfie Space, to see what all the fuss is about.

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, look out! There is a cool new way to take pics that everyone will enjoy.

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