It was a beautiful weekend and there was plenty to do as we have hit peak summer in Maine. Sunday morning was particularly nice in the Presque Isle area so my wife and I headed into town for a walk along Mary's Mile near the recreation department and Riverside Park.

Our dog Harvi, (1-year-old Cavapoo) loves to go for walks. She has gotten used to our road and the route we take most nights that we walk her. As we went along Mary's Mile we started to slow down because the scenery had a subtle pop to it. The flowers have crisp colors and the flies were minimal making the walk enjoyable for many reasons.

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If you haven't been to Mary's Mile, I recommend that you find a half hour to go take the leisurely walk. You would not know that you are in the middle of downtown when walking along the path. The landscape surrounds you and blocks out most of the sound you would typically hear and the path is cleaned up nicely.  

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