Penobscot Nation Police are investigating after a suspicious package was left at the Indian Island checkpoint.

Chief Robert Bryant told WABI-TV that the package was left by a woman, who allegedly told the person at the checkpoint that the package was going to disintegrate and that she was leaving it there. The woman then got in her vehicle and left the island.

Police were called to Down Street just after 6:00 Monday evening, including the Bangor Bomb Squad, who detonated the package.

The incident remains under investigation as police try to identify the woman and determine why she would have left the item behind.

The Bangor Bomb Squad has been busy, over the past few weeks, dealing with suspicious packages. On April 7th, they were called to the Bangor Walmart parking lot to a report of a suspicious item. It turned out to be a pressure cooker, that was out of its box. On April 17th, a suspicious package was found in the parking lot, in front of Five Guys restaurant in Bangor. The red duffel bag turned not to contain anything dangerous.

There's no indication, at this point, that these cases are related.

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