The intensity and drama are going next level on the latest episode of the reality show "Surviving Maine"

Episode 9 of Surviving Maine, "What Skidder Tries to Do is What Skidder Does" debuted on Wednesday night, and people quickly move on from the high tensionatic events of the last tribal council. Some cracks in a strong alliance are revealed during the immunity challenge.

Brandon’s alliance with three players led to Forrest getting voted out and made for a very interesting immunity challenge

On his birthday, Toby gets bounced in this episode and heads to the jury, and now just nine players remain
as the game heats up!

Here is a sneak peek at Episode 10

"Surviving Maine" is a fan-made live reality game that occurs in the Maine woods. Contestants will outwit, outplay and outlast to become the sole survivor. Yes, this obviously has many comparisons to the famed CBS show, but also has a distinct Maine flavor to it.

Each show is set up like a typical episode of Survivor, and includes two reward challenges, and immunity challenge, a tribal council and then the dreaded vote reveal. Deep in the Maine woods, is where two teams of 10 blindfolded strangers, one red team, and one blue team, began their journey.

Surviving Maine also has a GoFundMe page.

As the game moves forward, the herd is thinning out! Who is left to play another day? Here is a look at the remaining players.

Becky-Research assistant
Justin-Marine veteran
Jazzy-Crisis counselor
Jessica-Marine vet, anthropology student
Brandon-Former Disney World cast member
Cameron-Pharma compliance officer
Tony-Kitchen assistant
Rebecca-Substitute teacher

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