It's Friday

It's Thanksgiving next week

And the trifecta? Skiers have something to be thankful for today. Sugarloaf opens

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Courtesy Jamie Walter/Sugarloaf Mountain
Courtesy Jamie Walter/Sugarloaf Mountain

3. 2. 1. Zero sleeps. We may have been near 70 degrees last week, but of course this week is another story. The weather has cooperated enough this week that Sugarloaf Mountain is ready to roll

Mother Nature and the behind the scenes snowmaking and grooming teams at Sugarloaf combine to get the ski season off to a start. And how about those snowguns? They are how to get it done.

Today. There is snow time like the present. Some say already. Skiers say ‘about time’.

Low angle view of a skier throwing up snow while skiing on a mountain
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Updated conditions and information here.

The ski season is officially underway today at Sugarloaf. Let the winter sports begin.



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