We get it: You’re busy. It’s impossible to keep up with everything on television; hell it’s tough just keeping up with the billions (literal billions) of dollars of content Netflix is making each year. The streaming giant posts new movies and shows every single week. It’s really easy for stuff to fall through the cracks. And then once it does, it’s basically impossible to find the time to go back and catch up with something you missed.

So if you missed Stranger Things when it debuted, the video above by ScreenCrush’s Ryan Arey is for you. It condenses the entirety of the hit horror show’s first season into 10 breezy minutes. It will introduce you to Eleven, Chief Hopper, Joyce, the Demogorgon and the rest of the cast. It’ll also point out all the cool Easter egg(o)s and hidden movie and TV references sprinkled throughout the show. It will even give you some clues for where things might be headed in Season 2.

And, hey, even if you watched Stranger Things Season 1, it’s been a year. You’ve seen dozens of Netflix movies and shows since then. You (and by you, I mean me) could probably use a refresher before Season 2 kicks off just to remember who everyone was, where everyone wound up, and where they might be going when the new episodes premiere on October 27 on Netflix.

If you enjoy this Stranger Things recap video, we’ve got lots more videos and recaps coming in the future. In the meantime, don’t forget to subscribe to the ScreenCrush YouTube channel to catch all our future episodes. And you can watch more of ScreenCrush’s videos below!

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