Season 4 Stranger Things is the show’s biggest to date. In fact, it’s the biggest show ever in the history of Netflix, at least in English.

When Netflix released their weekly top 10 lists of the most-watched films and shows on the service around the world, Stranger Things Season 4 was at the top of the charts for the third straight week. This time, Netflix subscribers (and their ex-boyfriends who they shared their passwords with before they broke up) watched 159 million hours of Stranger Things. 

That means that to date, Netflix customers (and their lazy freeloading college-age children who refuse to sign up for their own account) have watched 781 million hours of Stranger Things Season 4. And that is the highest total of any English-language series in history, beating out the previous record holder, Bridgerton Season 2. 656 million hours of that show were watched in its first 28 days on the service.

Here now is the updated list of the most-watched English language shows in Netflix history.

Netflix’s Most Popular English-Language TV Shows Ever

These are the most popular TV shows ever on Netflix (in English), based on hours viewed in their first 28 days on streaming.

At least for the moment, Stranger Things Season 4 is not the most-watched Netflix TV show ever. That title belongs to Squid Game, last year’s unbelievably popular survival thriller from Korea. In Squid Game’s first 28 days of release, Netflix subscribers watched 1.65 billion hours of Squid Game. After about three weeks of release, Stranger Things is roughly 900 million hours behind that number with just one more week to go. Given its pace to date, it will liekly not top that number.

Still 781 million hours viewed in less than a month it more than, y’know, every other show in the history of television. So I would go out on a limb and say that Stranger Things Season 4 is a moderate success.

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