This is not a strange or surprising story: Stranger Things is still a big hit for Netflix.

According to one of Netflix’s own official Twitter accounts, the show is “breaking records” for the streaming service, with over 40 million households watching the third season of the horror series. In addition, they say that over 18 million accounts have already binged the whole thing from start to finish.

According to my extremely rudimentary math skills, that means that those 18 million households collectively gorged 145 million hours of Stranger Things over the July 4 weekend. Truly the best way to celebrate our nation’s independence is by rededicating your dependance to your television for at least eight episodes of content.

For some perspective: Netflix has in the neighborhood of 150 million worldwide subscribers, which means more than one in every four accounts had tried the series and roughly one in eight accounts watched the entire series as soon as it was available. (I’m not an expert, but that sounds pretty good to me.) It’s not officially confirmed when Stranger Things will return for a fourth season, but series creators the Duffer brothers have said they expect the show to run for four or five years total.

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