As we all continue to attempt to live our lives as normally as possible, we're also going to need to adjust our expectations when it comes to some of the activities we enjoy doing during the warmer months in New England. That includes visits to theme parks, which traditionally use the spring months for a variety of preparations, like staffing and de-winterizing.

Story Land announced on Facebook Friday that because of the coronavirus shutdown, they would not be able to meet their goal opening date of May 23rd this year. Because of the fluidity and seriousness of the situation, Story Land is unable to announce a new opening date for their 2020 season life as we knew it resumes. But, if you're stuck inside and missing Story Land, there's something you could do...

Story Land unveiled their free-to-download activity book on their website Monday. It's filled  with different activities that will challenge the mind and creativity of kids of all-ages. The activity book is filled with guessing games, crosswords, word searches and coloring pages as well. It's a simple download and print package. The best part is the activity book takes you directly to Story Land. It gives kids the chance to color some of their favorite Story Land characters however they'd like. They also can reimagine the famed Roar-O-Saurus within the coloring pages as well.

So while it may be awhile before we all get to enjoy a few theme park rides in-person, indoor recess just got a little bit more tolerable.


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