Haven't these checks been delayed a few times already?

It seemed like it was taking forever, or at least that's how long it feels like folks have been talking about it, but just today, the state sent out the first round of $850 stimulus checks. And there was much rejoicing. With gas, oil, food, housing, and just about everything else at an all-time high, and an extra $850 isn't the worst news of all time.

The uses for that kind of dough are endless right now. Even if it does feel a bit flat compared to what it seems like everything costs right now. It feels like your dad trying to offer you a $20 bill like it's a big deal... when you're 40. But again, a lot of folks will take whatever extra they can get.

Well, you may have to curb your excitement just a little longer.

So, as people were perhaps a bit relieved to see that checks were on the way, word is getting out that the state is facing an unforeseen holdup... they have nothing to put the checks in. Yup, just like the rest of the world's issues with the global supply chain, the state doesn't have nearly enough envelopes to get the checks in the mail.

Like, what?! Did someone just forget to check the inventory before the first round of envelopes got stuffed? Why wouldn't they just hold up the process until they were ready. It feels like when you go out to eat, and only half the table get their food. According to Maine Public, where they'd hoped to get things rolling by June, it may take until early July before things are fully sorted out.

The state also opted not to use direct deposit for these checks either. So if you were hoping to slide that sweet stimmy into your account that way, no dice. All in all, it won't be that bad. It'll set things back for a few weeks. And my heart really goes out to people who were counting on it sooner for whatever reason. But eventually, the check will be in the mail.


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