What are Stephen King's Top 5 Stephen King stories? The Late Show finds out!

“Billy Summers” is the latest from the most famous celebrity in Bangor, and this week he stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, which airs here on WABI TV-5, to discuss the new book and a variety of other topics.

When pressed to name his 5 favorite things that he has written over the last several decades, he listed the short story "Survivor Type," "Misery," "Lisey's Story", which is also now streaming on Apple TV, "The Stand", the short story, "The Body", which famously became the classic film, "Stand By Me", and of course since he was there to plug a new book, he mentioned "Billy Summers", as number five on the list.

In case you are curious to pick up this latest release, "Billy Summers" is the story of a hitman, and an Iraq war veteran, who just when he is about to retire, is suddenly sucked back into that world again, for just one more job to catch the bad guy. Things of course, naturally escalate from there. The crime/thriller type of feel of the book and plotline is a little different from his usual fare, but as always, it is a page-turner.

No secret that King is very outspoken politically, and is a part-time resident in the Sunshine State, so Colbert asked him his thoughts on Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis, and his handling of the current explosion of Covid cases there. "Not The Brightest Bulb In The Chandelier" was one of a few opinions he had on the matter.

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