Before your teen hops behind the wheel you may want to look at these statistics showing where it is not so great to be a new driver.


Via Getty Images
Via Getty Images

Although the data showed Maine wasn't one of the worst states for teen drivers, it also wasn't one of the best. In fact Maine was ranked 26th in the country. So we are almost exactly in the middle.

Looking at things like high rates of teen fatalities in accidents,  insurance costs, driving infractions within the first few years, and average miles traveled, Wallet Hub determined the best and worst states for teen drivers to get their driving start.

According to findings teens are best off in is actually New York! Not the state we would have guessed! Oregon and Illinois were also topping the list for teen drivers.

The worst states to be a new driver according to their statistics is Montana. Teens may also have a hard time in Wyoming or North Dakota as well.

For full results and methodology click here.


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