The What Women Want Expo is coming up this weekend and Roxanne and Crystal at Generations Boutique & Art Studio will be there to share some Easter and spring inspired designs that you will be able to do yourself at the show.

There will be four different times and designs that you get to try out at the show.  You can choose to attend one or all at the following times: 10 AM, noon, 1:30 PM, 3 PM.

The theme of these paintings will be Easter and spring time.  You'll be painting on wood which is perfect for the spring time theme but also very trendy for home decor right now.  Here's a preview of the mini wood creations that you will be creating this weekend!

Credit: Generations Boutique and Art Studio
Credit: Generations Boutique and Art Studio

Each paint and sip session is $10 to participate which includes materials, instructions and a little wine for sipping.  Spots are filling up fast.  Reserve your seat now.  If you don't, you won't be guaranteed a spot for the events the day of the show.  Just saying.

The ladies from Generations Boutique and Art Studio visited the Z Morning Show today and told us what to expect on Saturday.

Share the Facebook event with your friends if you're looking to gather a posse.

For more information about what else is going on this Saturday at the What Women Want Expo, visit our website at  Remember, it's free and you could win and get samples of all kinds of stuff that you love!  See you there :)

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