A routine stop for speeding in a construction zone resulted in a police pursuit and drug trafficking charges.

State Police tried to pull over a vehicle driven by 42-year-old Shawn Adams on Friday, August 7th, because Adams was allegedly driving too fast for the construction zone near mile marker 10 northbound. When the vehicle failed to stop, police gave chase. The pursuit finally ended when a trooper deployed a spike mat at mile 26.5.

Officials say Adams pulled the vehicle over and immediately ran into the woods. His passenger, 40-year-old Stephen Tracy, surrendered and was placed under arrest without incident. York Police Officer John Rogers arrived with his K9 and they began tracking Adams, who was found 3/4's of a mile into the woods, near a river bank.

Police searched the vehicle and found 86 grams of fentanyl, 22.5 xanax pills, 11 grams of suspected cocaine, and 2 grams of suspected meth. Both men were charged with aggravated trafficking in schedule W drugs. Adams is also charged with eluding an officer, criminal speed, and violations of conditions of release.

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