Ugh. This is getting old.

I figure I may actually like snow for the first 48 hours, after the first snowfall. Certainly, by the time the first big storm rolls around, I am officially done with winter. Since that's often as early as November, it makes winter feel exceptionally long. Trust me, I know I'm not special, and that everyone feels this way, right?

Everyone loves Keith Carson, right? I know my mom does. I'm not a fan of fitted suits or "euro-models", but he knows his stuff for sure.

So when I see snow starting to pop up in the forecast again, a solid month after the first day of spring, I get a bit antsy. Remember 2020, when we got like a foot and a half in April, and all the power was gone for days? Don't we all... This week isn't shaping up like that, but there seems to be the threat of flakes almost every day, for the rest of the week.

You know it's true because Keith Carson said so.

Everyone loves Keith Carson, right? I know my mom does. I'm not a fan of fitted suits or "euro-models", but he knows his stuff for sure. He's predicting the Bangor area could see a couple of inches somewhere in there over the next few days. Think that's bad? Greenville could see 10 inches. Noooooo thank you.

The forecast from the National Weather Service seems to confirm this theory. Yay. Again, in our area, we won't get much but bet your bottom dollar that we'll see some of it. Remember the Dippin' Dots that fell out of the sky on Easter? There could be a smidge more accumulation than that, but it won't amount to much.

You know, I say that, but they also predicted flurries back in the Blizzard of '62. And, we don't live in Greenville. Or Caribou, where they may see over 6 inches of snow. No, we have it pretty lucky around here for this round. But the problem is with Mother Nature and Maine, is that our luck runs out all the time.


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