Tom Hanks had us a bit worried that SNL would forgo its Wednesday promos for a look back at the Inferno star’s eight previous hostings, but the man always delivers. See for yourself, as Hanks and Leslie Jones enjoy a round of mimosas, before being chased off of NBC’s roof.

SNL released its belated promo round for Tom Hanks’ ninth hosting this Saturday, joined by favorite Leslie Jones. In between discussion of Hanks’ past roles and some extreme parachuting, Hanks manages to slip in the name of this week’s musical guest, none other than Lady Gaga.

Lest we forget, SNL will also take aim at the final round of debates:

Hanks is the fourth and presumably last host of of October (rarely does a month have five Saturdays), culminating a cycle that began with Margot Robbie, and moved through Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda two weeks ago, and Girl on the Train star Emily Blunt this past weekend.

You can check out Hanks’ promos above, a quick highlight reel below, and stay tuned for this weekend’s SNL with Lady Gaga.

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