Marking what I can safely describe as the only Survivor-related news to ever pique my interest, bewigged pop superstar and longtime series fan Sia showed up to the live televised finale of CBS' longstanding reality competition on May 18 to gift one of the finalists — not the winner — $100,000 out of her own pocket. The reason for her generosity? Solidarity in animal rights activism!

The second runner-up and recipient of Sia's surprising donation, 51-year-old gardener Tai Trang, charmed the artist during Season 32 of the survival series with his animal and planet-lovin' ways. Trang impressed the Australian singer-songwriter (who is vegan and appeared in an ad for PETA in 2014) with his successful efforts to save a chicken from slaughter on the show during filming in Cambodia, as well as his "love [for] all living creatures."

While Trang ultimately lost to fellow contestant Michele Fitzgerald, he did win third place, $85,000 for his participation on the show...and an even bigger prize from his biggest fan. As the San Francisco-based chatted with Jeff Probst, the host of the finale, onstage, Sia emerged from her seat in the audience and joined her favorite survivor, gushing, "Your authenticity and care for animals really inspired me...Thank you for showing America how to be kind to animals."

Then she announced, to a bewildered stage, that she would be personally gifting him $50,000 as a gesture of appreciation, as well as donating an additional $50,000 to an animal-related charity of his choice, prompting a standing ovation from the audience. It was, as Probst so simply put it, a "moment." Watch below:

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