It has been a dry spring.... and winter and last fall and last summer and last spring. Maine is in a tough weather pattern right now we we are seeing very little rain and it's adding up and creating difficult conditions across the State of Maine.

The U.S. National Weather Service in Caribou Shared the latest drought monitor conditions for the State of Maine and it shows that all of the state are in drought conditions. This most of us are aware of. What's concerning is how much of the state, which includes nearly all counties in the state experiencing moderate drought conditions. Additionally, portions of Maine in Piscataquis, Penobscot and Somerset, centered in the towns of Skowhegan, Farmington and Waterville are seeing severe drought.

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Severe drought conditions can make large impacts on a region that include lower crop yields and size, increased poor air quality, increased wildlife interaction including infestation by insects in dry forests.

Also concerning, water quality can be poor and their may be outdoor water restrictions created.

Regionally, Maine is the only New England state experiencing severe drought currently but other Northern New England states and upstate New York are seeing moderate drought as well.

Earlier this year in March, information from Maine's River Flow Advisory Commission could already see drought coming for the state. In a virtual meeting held in March, the commission assessed that there was a normal to below normal snow-pack yield and that there was already low to below normal stream and ground water levels.

We've seen increased fire danger here in the State of Maine throughout the spring and it looks to be continuing into our summer.

Keep an eye on the drought conditions yourself by following the U.S. Drought Monitor and be sure to be careful during these high risk burning days as we continue experiencing moderate to severe drought conditions throughout the State of Maine.

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