Maine is starting to become more and more popular for celebrity sightings in the summer. It seems that some of Hollywood's finest have figured out that you can escape to Maine and truly experience a relaxed, comfortable vacation without much attention. That includes  actor/comedian/director Seth Rogen, who spent the July 4th holiday weekend in Maine, devouring lobster rolls while vacationing with his family.

Shared on Facebook by Hazel's Take Out, Rogen and family were visiting the Rockland area on vacation. Rogen initially visited the popular take out spot Wednesday and then returned again for a second helping a day later. When the lobster rolls are good, you always go back for more. It's a Maine tradition.

Rogen's wife, actress Lauren Miller Rogen, also took to social media to share her love of Maine. In a perfect sunset photo with her dog, she proclaimed that Maine "fills her summer loving heart with family, friends, and sunsets. But also fills her tummy with lots of lobstah". We like it Lauren, we like it A LOT.

Also, nice to see Seth Rogen really settling in with that vacation/David Letterman in retirement look. It's important to be relaxed when you're visiting Maine. Safe travels!

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