Today is National Dog Day and we wanted to honor our listeners' puppies and doggos with a gorgeous gallery of all of your cute dogs.

We received plenty of photos on our Facebook post and had to throw them up on our website to share with all of the Z audience.

We got pictures of all kinds of different breeds, including labs, pit bulls, huskies, beagles, great danes, boston terriers, corgis and more!

And, the names are so adorable: Pearl, Rosco, Harley, Phoenix, Zeus, Baxter, Layla, Luna.  So many great original names including: Cinder Rose, Gator, Whiskey, Doogie, Bellatrix, Ruger, Mozzie, Chumley, Tuukka.

And, then, the human names are killing me: Lucy, Leo, Jackson, Maggie, Gretta, Lizzy, Leo, Seth, Dexter, Donnie, Gus, Bailey and Frank.

Celebrate 'National Dog Day' with your pups by giving them a little extra time and attention today by:

  • Giving them a bath
  • Going for an extra walk
  • Getting them a new chew toy
  • Treat them with a little (seedless) watermelon
  • Get the hose out and let them chase the stream of water
  • Take a ride in the car
  • Make a doggie date with a doggie friend for a little doggie bonding time with another dog

Whatever you do, I'm sure your dog will appreciate it and show you their appreciation.  That's why they are man's (or woman's) best friends.

Here are the great photos you guys sent us on Facebook to celebrate this magical day!

Z Listener Dogs!

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