Maine isn’t home to a major metropolitan or any crazy skyscrapers like our neighbors in Boston but Portland is constantly growing and expanding, including our buildings.

Not only do we have new businesses popping up but we are also erecting new major buildings, including the tallest building in the entire state.

What is the Tallest Building in Maine?

Well, it used to be the Franklin Towers on Cumberland Ave. standing at 175 feet tall but now Maine’s tallest building is standing proud on Federal Street here in Portland.

The last steel beam was placed on the roof in October, erecting the building up to its height of 201 feet and 6 inches, making it the tallest building in the state of Maine.

The 18-story building will consist of 263 apartments with 10% of them being designated as workforce housing with rent caps, as shared by the construction company putting it all together.

The first floor will be retail space and you can get an idea of what the final outcome will look like through renderings on the Skyscraper Center website.

You can also get a peek at what the views from the top of Maine’s tallest building look like thanks to the Portland Maine Fire Department. The department recently posted on Facebook sharing the incredible views from the top of the building.

The views are incredible, with glimpses of the ocean from almost every angle. The best view I’ve seen of the city has been from the Top of the East rooftop bar in the Westin Harborview Hotel but this new view takes the cake.

You can get a feel for how tall this building is by comparing it to the other tallest structures in Maine by looking at this cool comparison presented by Downeast Magazine.

I’m sure the apartments going into this new building will be far from my own personal budget but I can imagine the views from those spots will be absolutely stunning.

See the Incredible View from the Top of Maine's Newest Tallest Building

Maine's tallest building may still be under construction but you can still catch a glimpse of the views from the top.

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