Tucked away down a dirt road, the most remarkable feat was accomplished in just 12 days.

A Soldier's Journey Home based in Tennessee and Tunnel to Towers Foundation built a home for Maine native and veteran Christy Gardner. Christy is a veteran who was wounded in a peacekeeping mission back in 2006. She lost both her legs below the knee and was deemed 100% disabled.

She proved everyone (including all doctors) very wrong. She has not only survived but prospered. She is a parathlete and has given back to her community in so many ways. She was the perfect candidate to receive a mortgage-free smart home. One home a year is built for a wounded veteran by dozens of volunteers. Firefighters, veterans, and many first responders started this journey to honor those lost in the 9/11 attacks.

Christy got the keys to her new home on June 19th, 2021. She had not seen the inside of the home until that day. Watch this incredible home built in just 12 days!

Pictures of Mortgage Free Home Built in Oxford For Wounded Maine Veteran



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