How is that even possible?


According to the Bangor Daily News, no amount of ice in the toilet, boots by the bed and spoons under the pillow will produce a snow day.



There are 148 students at Forest Hills Consolidated School. From kindergarten all the way through grade 12, those kids haven't stayed home because of snow. The principal said that the conditions are never bad enough to call off school because most kids live close enough to the school. The furthest student is 8 miles from the school.

Forest Hills has had delays in the morning so the roads can get cleaned up and sometimes after school activities are cancelled. But other than that, they are going to school.

Some kids even slap on a helmet and ride their snowmobiles to school. Why not make the commute to school fun?

If any kid feels bummed that they don't get those extra days off that so many other students do - well, you can show those snow day kids your awesome tan from the longer summer vacation.

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